Chronic Pain, changes in mood, exhaustion even after enough sleep... all symptoms of...

Chronic Pain, changes in mood, exhaustion even after enough sleep… all symptoms of…

We all know that we need vitamin to stay healthy.

Unfortunately most of us have never though about which vitamins we need for each part of our bodies and for our overall health.

For instance, Vitamin D is thought to be the most common and serious vitamin deficiencies among the world!

Vitamin D deficiency can be caused by not eating enough Vitamin D foods, but it can also be caused when our body cannot absorb or metabolize the vitamin D that we feed to our bodies.

There are MANY symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency.

Weak bones which are brittle and break easily, weakness in our muscles which cannot be explained, change in mood for no reason, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, exhaustion after getting plenty of sleep and more!

One of the greatest cause (And easiest solution) for vitamin D deficiency is…

The Sun!

People who avoid the sun are for more prone to Vitamin D deficiency and just 20 minutes each day of sunlight can do wonders!

TO learn more, and to find a list of food that is rich in Vitamin D, visit to learn more about Vitamin D and what foods you should add to you diet.

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