More Calcium Please!

More Calcium Please!

Most of us know that calcium is necessary to build strong bones and teeth.

But calcium does much more than most people think…

Calcium also play an important post in nerve transmission and on muscle function.

Spoiler Alert! 
Our heart is a muscle

Most people are not aware that calcium is important to our heart health as well!

Calcium is also an important factor in a mother milk production during pregnancy.

Calcium also helps people who suffer from insomnia.

In Short, without enough Calcium, we would have weak bones and teeth. Our muscles would not contract properly, our blood would not clot properly and out nerve could not transmit their message the way we need them to.

When we do not eat enough calcium, our body will transfer the calcium we need from our bones.

Over time, this transfer of calcium will weaken our bones so they can break very easily.

SO, if you suffer from muscle spasm and cramps… eat more calcium!

Some foods are high in calcium, this includes: Dairy product, most fruits, nuts, cheese and legumes (beans).

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