DISCLAIMER NOTE: These testimonials were sent to us by people who want to share their personal experience after eating Restore. We make no medical claims of any kind regarding Restore. The results experienced by these people may not be the same results experienced by others. Restore is not a medicine and is not intended to cure treat or prevent diseases or illnesses. Those who suffer from disease or illness should always consult medical professionals. 

Restore helps me reduce my weight.. I feel full hence reducing my main meal. I also feel energetic and not tired even when I sleep lesser hours than my beauty sleep… and my tummy not bloated anymore.
- Margaret Tham
After just 3 weeks of Restore, I can work all day without taking a nap and still feel great. I have also dropped 2 kg and have slimmer waistline! Also, from going to the toilet only once every 2-3 days, I’m able to do my business everyday..and my cravings for unhealthy foods lessened significantly! The list goes on and on! I encourage everybody to try it because it will be so worth it!
- Atheera
I am 70 years old. I have been taking Restore for 25 days, 2 times every day before lunch and before dinner. I had constipation but after a few days passing motion is no longer a problem. I feel full. I am now able to reduce the amount of my lunch and dinner. I have managed to reduce my rice by 50%. I have already lost 2kg. I also found Restore helps me in my sleep. I would strongly recommend RESTORE to anyone.
- John Woon
This is my 3rd week of RESTORE and the pimples on my left face had already disappeared. It was awful before but the most amazing change is the toilet.. From once or twice weekly previously to at least once or twice DAILY now. I feel a lot of purification is taking place inside my body. A big THANK YOU!
- Shannon Tan
- Kenny
"I lost 10kgs in 10 weeks and never felt hungry!"
- Christoper Li
Restore helped me to solve my constipation problem. I used to go once a day but now I go 2-3 times every day. I have already lost 3kg in less than one month and my blood pressure has improved so much my doctor took my reading twice to confirm it because he was so surprised!
- Ng Ai
After 2 weeks of Restore I don’t constipate anymore …that’s the first thing I noticed.. Now I go to the toilet regularly twice a day instead of once in 2 days. I feel full and don’t feel hungry. I am not lethargic like I used to be and I sleep very well. What’s even better is my joint pains have reduced by 70% and now I can go for long walks. I am so happy now!
- Ambika Nair
I’m only 16 but I do struggle with weight and eating habits. Restore makes me feel full so I haven’t been over-eating and I lost weight and feel more energized. Last but not least, I’ve been going to the toilet a lot and I feel very healthy already.
- Vanessa Wong
I take RESTORE 2 times every day. I am getting up in years and all I know is I poo poo regularly ( very nice poo poo ) and sleep like a baby at night and wake up refreshed the next morning.
- Shirley Wong
I am so glad to be introduced to this amazing super food RESTORE! I had blood in my urine for the past 4 years. Last week, during my yearly check-up, my doctor and I were both surprised that my reading was only HALF what it used to be.
- Linda Chan
Thanks for introducing me to RESTORE. The first day my constipation problem got better. I managed to go to toilet 2 times on the FIRST DAY! I lost 5 kg so far and I feel energetic and good.
- Judith
Me and my hubby started RESTORE one day after the Miracle Food Event. On our 5thth day, my hubby’s constipation improved. He went to toilet without any problem which is so good, but still no change for me. But, after the 10th day, me and my husband are doing great having 2 glasses of RESTORE every day. We feel lighter and our constipation is much better.
- Melinda Chong
This is my 3rd week of RESTORE. I go to toilet more often. I took Restore before breakfast and dinner and feel full. I can now sleep well and even if I don’t get my 7 hours of sleep, I wake up much more energetic than before. I am more calm and no more anxiety. Plus, I lost 3 kg in just 3 weeks. I am having great results and RESTORE is so easy to bring anywhere for travel.
- Aufa Khalid
I eat RESTORE every morning and until 2-3 not feeling hungry but eat lunch and dinner even if not hungry.. I am afraid that if I didn’t eat, I might be hungry at late night. Ha Ha! I am lighter by 2kg.
- Joe Lee
I started taking RESTORE after attending the Miracle Food Event Dec 16th . In one week, I had improvement to my energy… I don’t feel sleepy after main meals. I am monitoring my dry skin condition and looking forward to better skin very soon.
- Lily Hoe
Within 3 weeks’ time, my blood pressure is down to 130/80! I have also noticed my flaky skin above my eyebrows greatly reduced. A problem I have for 10 years. I highly recommend RESTORE to everyone.
- David Lim
I had embarrassing issue with dandruff for at least 5 years. To my surprise after I consume RESTORE for one month, my dandruff reduced 90% and I have no problem wearing dark colour shirts anymore.
- Kevin Low
On Sept 6th 2017, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. 2 weeks later my friend invited me to the Miracle Food event. I started to eat RESTORE 2 times every day. The first thing I noticed is my bowel movement increased with ease and the swelling feeling around my tumour eased up about 1 month later. I did another scan AFTER EATING Restore for one month and found my tumour was reduced by 11%..Hallelujah!
- Kenny Tan
Yesterday was my 10th day. I came back from Singapore very late. I did a lot of walking in Singapore and I this time noticed a big difference. I recovered very quickly. I feel great and feel full of energy. I feel GREAT again! AMAZING! Toilet is a breeze…the minute I wake up and after breakfast..twice every day. I will definitely continue eating RESTORE.
- Molly Ooi
I have been drinking RESTORE for almost 1 month. Previously, I easily get stressed, depressed and angry. At the Miracle Food Guide event, I learned that food and stress is related. I started a new diet after the event and I drink RESTORE 2 times every day. After only days I can see my mood changing..I become more relaxed, happy and not stressful anymore. At the same time, I lost weight, my tummy and thigh became smaller. My friends noticed that and I tell them to try RESTORE. RESTORE has changed my life. I have become a better person and have a healthier lifestyle. I will always continue to drink RESTORE.
- Umi Khalsum
I started RESTORE 3 days ago. Me and the toilet are buddies now. LOL
- Tengku Ismail
This is my 3rd day of RESTORE, I am already feeling better, I have been going to the toilet more often and I’ve been feeling happier and worry less now, less stress.
- Nur Sarah
On the 1st day upon consuming RESTORE. I did go to the toilet twice. On the 2nd day i went 3 times!
- Kamala Sanaswathy
My breasts always numbing and pain, after only 3 days of RESTORE. I don’t feel the pain. This is really a MIRACLE, I was so worried and stressed, I am thankful to God for attending the Miracle Food Event and knowing you.
- Juliet Pizarras
Overall, I felt healthy on my stomach pain and the toilet is my best friend these last 6 days…. HIHI!
- Siti Mustape
I don’t feel hungry even and only took light breakfast and I don’t realize and I didn’t take my lunch until late evening. I don’t feel the hungriness as I do feel full. I’m feeling more energetic while doing my workout. Previously I would feel exhausted after workout for 15 minutes. Now, I can do more than that duration of time.
- Sheila Afeeza
"My husband is happy as his stools are better and he has increased from one to two times a day. My daughter does not feel hungry like before."
- Omme Fatima
"My knees are much better. The shooting pain I had when walking and after long sit downs is gone. I am in better mood as well. More energy and I sleep so much calmer and I feel a bit more positive feelings. My bowel movement is good and back muscles not as stiff"
- Adriana Abu
"The 1st 3 days I can feel the difference after consuming Restore 2 times a day, morning and evening. As you have mentioned, my diet became normal, where there's no need for me to take extra food except breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus the food I consume at night would flushed away in toilet the next day morning, this happens 2 times per day. Plus within 10 days I can feel my body weight has reduces up to 3kg from 75 to 72 without any single exercise."
- Chandru
"I gave my dad (who has dengue fever) 1 teaspoon of restore. His blood platelet went from 13 to 15 today"
- Atheera
"I go to toilet more frequently. Yesterday I pass motion about 4 times. When I'm hungry I can't eat much and I have better energy. I used to have insomnia but with restore it actually help me sleep better."
- Ishamela Ismail
"My toilet .. frequent visit.. Energy feels great! Before I took restore. When I start using my brain I easily got exhausted but now much lesser. So far I don't feel any migraine this 10 days. But today is my 1st day menstrual. Usually my migraine will surely kick in on my menstrual. Will update you on this."
- Genie Leong


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